Friday, August 10, 2012


I love the Olympics.  Who doesn't?  On what other day could you see Usain Bolt win the 200m, becoming the first to ever take gold in the 100 and 200 in back-to-back Olympics, see the women's water polo team win its first gold, women's soccer win its third consecutive gold, see Rudisha lower his own world record in the 800m, and see Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee take gold and silver, respectively, in the decathlon?

The Olympics seems to bring out the best in everyone, and stirs up the kind of national pride you might only find otherwise in a world war.  But without all the casualties.  Hit the jump for my favorite moments of these games, to date.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All Day. All Night.

Summertime.  Time for a fresh dose of musica, yeah?  Yeah.  As always after my extended hiatuses (that's a word, right?), there's a stockpile of wonderful music to share with you all upon my return to the virtual world.

This stuff is posted in no particular order, but all of it goes hard.  The Fareoh remix of the Calvin Harris radio jam is a banger, the two SHM tracks from Usher's new album are pretty hot, Flo Rida is Flo Rida, and the Deadmau5 is kinda throwback for him (i.e. much better).  Speaking of which, Swedish House Mafia is splitting up after their current tour?  What??? Not cool bro.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friiiday

Guess what?  It's FRIDAY.  The sun made a cameo today, which was quite the novelty since it's been gray and/or rainy the past week.  After that big music dump on Tuesday, I found a bunch more, though a little more diverse in its scope.  Some more mash-ups, some more electro/house; but all of it will most definitely get you in the mood for the weekend.

What else is on tap for this weekend?  A day at LEGOLAND tomorrow.  An FC København football match on Sunday.  Should be a fun one!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food, Food, and Other Stuff: Spring Break Part IV

After a great/whirlwind week in England, Scotland, and Ireland, it was time to head back to my favorite city on this continent: Paris.  Paris wasn't originally on the itinerary for spring break, but plans shifted and I decided to add it in there, if only for a couple days.

One of the best things about traveling, and traveling enough to go back to places you've already visited, is that when you go back, you can do other, less-touristy things.  Maybe that means random little museums, maybe that means exploring other neighborhoods or arrondissements, or maybe that just means sitting outside at a cafe, sipping a chocolat chaud and snacking on a flaky croissant and watching the world go by.

Paris after the jump:

Beer, Birthday, and Buddies: Spring Break Part III

Okay, okay, I'll try not to get carried away with the alliteration thing.  But yeah, on to Dublin.  As I wrote in an email updating my parents on my travels that I wrote on my birthday, "Having a blast today - celebrated (my 21st bday) with (a few friends) last night at a couple of fun bars and a club in Edinburgh.  Went for a little run instead of going to sleep since we had to catch an 8am flight to Dublin".  Only someone like me would be crazy (dumb?) enough to go for a run at 4.30 in the morning in a foreign city before catching a morning flight.  Hey, sleep when your dead, right?

Dublin was another really fun city.  As a friend of mine noted when we were discussing our travels after spring break, Dublin is a city where it ends up being exactly what you expected.  Some cities are overhyped and don't live up to expectations, some end up being a lot better than expected, but Dublin just lives up to one's expectations, and in a good way.

Dublin after the jump:

Thick Accents and a Gorgeous City: Spring Break Part II

The first few days of spring break were fun, but we were only just getting started.  Next up were a couple of places I was really excited for, as I had never been to either city/country:  Edinburgh and Dublin!  I had heard good things about both, how pretty Scotland and Ireland are, etc.  But Edinburgh was definitely the WOW-er of the trip.  Maybe it was because you don't hear about it as much as you hear about the Parises and Berlins and Barcelonas of the world, but whatever expectations I had for the place were blown out of the water in the two short days we were there.

Edinburgh after the jump:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mas Beats

Here's Part II.  A bunch more electro/house bangers, plus a couple of hippity-hoppity joints as well.  All the official remixes to Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" dropped on iTunes, but I only included the best two (as determined by yours truly), one of which is the remix Avicii dropped in front of tens of thousands at UMF a month ago.  If you want the rest?  Go find 'em yoself.

Oh and speeeeeeeaaaaaaaking of Avicii, I cannot wait for his Swedish ass to make his appearance in København in less than two weeks.  It's gonna be pretty insane.  Yeah.  I'm excited.  Just a little.  I'm gonna go start resting up now.

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